Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Says Nothing in Life is Free?

If I'm needed to show the corporate world that there's a market for vegan products by boosting demand, I'm there! After work, I hit the Ben & Jerry's on the 4th floor of Macy's on 34th St.

Lines were surprisingly short, maybe because of the location. When I went to the now-closed location on Eighth Ave. near Times Square last year, there was actually a scoop shop 'bouncer' handing out napkins and demanding we all make our flavor decision before getting to the counter so not to hold up the line.

Tah-dah...isn't it a thing of beauty? Price, free! There was only one sorbet flavor available here, but luckily it was a good one...mixed berry. Yum!

I asked about the sugar cone's ingredients, and the counterperson showed me the box. My eyes glared over looking at the long list of ingredients, but I didn't see anything animal-derived. The boxed was marked "Contains Wheat, Soy" but nothing about dairy or eggs (both allergens to some), so I think they're safe. Phew, I didn't want a wasteful plastic spoon anyway.

Thank you Ben & Jerry!

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