Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get Your Sorbet Fix (Free!) at Ben & Jerry's Today

It's here...Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. Yeah! Vegans need not be deprived on this day. They offer several refreshing varieties of sorbet, all of which are vegan. Find a Scoop Shop near you, then wrestle internally with which flavor to choose...Strawberry Kiwi, Jamaican Me Crazy (pineapple sorbet with a passion fruit swirl), Berried Treasure (blueberry, blackberry and lemon sorbet), or something else?

I'm unclear if the cones are vegan friendly, and I'm awaiting a response to my e-mail, so when in doubt, ask the counterperson, or go with a cup.

Write to Ben & Jerry's, and tell them how great it would be to have a non-dairy ice cream. Soy Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey, anyone?

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