Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea: "Thank You for Being a Friend" to the Animals

Today our animal rights community lost a great supporter, and the public lost a wonderful comedienne, Bea Arthur. I am a huge fan of the Golden Girls, on which she was a co-star. Intelligently written, superbly acted and with great chemistry among its cast, such comedy is hard to find nowadays in a television age of vapid reality shows focused on some ridiculous obsession with wealth. Check out PETA Vice President Dan Mathews' tribute to Bea.

As the theme song of the Golden Girls goes, "thank you for being a friend," I will say, "thank you, Bea, for providing the world with so much laughter, and for being such a tireless advocate of animals."

Bea's Dorothy Zbornak character was a strong, vibrant, intelligent woman, with witty comebacks never in short supply. She was a great role model, both on TV and in real life, for women of all ages. We live in an era when so many are obsessed with pursuits of vanity and material possessions. Bea lived in pursuit of a better world, and making us all smile.

Bea participated in this PSA for PETA with co-stars Betty White and Rue McClanahan
Golden Girls Fur PSA

Goodbye Bea. Surely, there will be more laughter among the angels now that you have joined them.

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