Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ASPCA Day 2009: NYC

I was completely overcome with canine- and feline-envy at ASPCA's annual celebration in New York City. A curse, a curse to my cat allergies, and a bigger curse to my apartment building's owner, which discriminates against dogs. Even though the clouds hovered, the rain held off for our four-legged friends and their two-legged guardians, and we partied the evening away.

A band entertained the crowd at Union Square.

Free cotton candy! There was popcorn too.

The cat-mobile had feline friends up for adoption.

Dreaming of a forever home with a big picture window, a fleece blanket for long naps, and a big bowl of cat food.

Do you know that saying about people resembling their dogs? Well...

um, and...I kid, I kid. Cute!

All the NYC-hipsters were donning the "it" color of the night, orange, the official color of the ASPCA.

These ASPCA Day-goers enjoyed some time in the doggie run.

Support the ASPCA. Become a member, and if you donate $25 or more, you will receive the quarterly ASPCA Action.

Give a gift membership of $25 or more and your recipient will get a membership card, an ASPCA calendar, an ASPCA Action subscription, and an ASPCA wristband.

Tying the knot? Donate to the ASPCA in lieu of wedding favors, and you'll get place cards for your tables. Learn more.

In New York City, search their adoptable dogs and adoptable cats. Guess who's hiring? The ASPCA is.

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