Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Can Make a Difference

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ingrid Newkirk at a book signing in Borders Columbus Circle in NYC for her new collection of essays entitled, "One Can Make a Difference." Filled with more than 50 writings from everyone from Moby to Oliver Stone, this book is meant to inspire personal activism in even the most jaded of us. She was completely gracious and it was a true honor to meet one of my long-time heroes. Her speech on Speaking Up for Animals planted the seed in me to go vegan. She is truly one of the great orators of our day and of our movement.

"Looking out for your baby or your friend is easy. The test of moral fiber is to stick up for those you relate to least, those you understand minimally, and those you do not think are that much like you." – Ingrid Newkirk

Speaking Up For Animals video; Speaking Up For Animals podcast (March 3, 2008, Why Animal Rights?)

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