Thursday, November 6, 2008

A few words of welcome

"Give me a bloodless road," Tori Amos sings at the end of her song "Sweet Sangria." While certainly not meant in an animal rights context, it has become my personal motto in living my new vegan lifestyle. Let no animal have to shed blood for my food, my clothes, my entertainment and or anything else when there is a world of compassionate alternatives. I was a "lacto-ovo" vegetarian since my early teen years, but took the vegan plunge this year after educating myself on the horrors of the egg and dairy industries. Veganism is not about what you can't have, but what you can have. I live in northern New Jersey and work in New York City, and look forward to sharing with you my adventures in eating, travel, and more.

Special thanks to Ingrid Newkirk and Dan Mathews from PETA, Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation," and Gene Baur, author of "Farm Sanctuary." Your words and writings have inspired me down this road, and there's no looking back.

Yours for the animals, the environment, and in good health.
The Vegan Good Life(r)

Take it away, Tori!

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Bonnie said...

Always good to see another vegan around the blogosphere!

Hello from a vegan in Toronto!