Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clothing Swaps: "Green Before Green Was Popular"

Friday was payday in my office, which means the usual: even in a recession, many of my co-workers immediately think about all the things they are going to 'treat' themselves to at the mall. Even before the check arrived, it was already spent.

Meanwhile, on alleged eco-minded web sites, there doesn't seem to be any calls for living a more modest lifestyle and less consumption. Praises are sung for anything labeled 'vegan,' 'organic' or 'sustainable,' with little questioning of issues like air miles, labor practices, and the fact that their production is still taking a toll on the Earth. They seem determined to shop their way to a better planet.

Frankly, I think the vegan wool is being pulled over our eyes.

While shopping at a garage sale or thrift store or participating in a clothing swap doesn't have slick marketing lingo to it, it really is the best option whenever possible for the animals, the planet, and our wallets. Why buy new, when there are already so many already-produced items on the market?

With that, I share with you this inspiring piece on NBC News about the growing popularity of clothing swaps. While the focus was mainly on people being economically resourceful, this is also environmentally resourceful.

"It's green before green was popular," one clothing swap organizer wisely observed.

Organize a swap of your own. It's easy. Flashback to the swap I helped organize at work. My friends and co-workers are looking forward to putting together our next swap in July, and hope to give a new life to unwanted clothes, accessories (bags, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.) and beauty products. Best yet, no credit card bill will arrive for our finds.

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Anarchist Jew said...

love it! i will def come to the next one!