Friday, June 19, 2009

A Visit to Zen Palate

On a drizzly, cool night, which felt more like October than June, I stopped by New York City's Zen Palate in the Theatre District. They have two dining options: a more upscale dining room in the back, with its own menu, or sit up front in their more low-key, modest dining room and order off of their cafe menu. I chose the latter, and am happy I did. There's only a handful of tables for two, or you can eat at the counter. Dine outside when (or should I say if) we ever see the sun again.

If I had a tail, it would wag when I hear the word "crepes." So I had to order the Rose Petals (soy crepes with wolfberry seeds and veggies in a sweet rice ginger sauce) with two spring rolls and brown and red rice, $10.50. Very tasty, although I didn't notice much of ginger flavor.

I sampled a bite of the Tex-Mex Moo Shu (kidney beans, barley and soy protein in spinach tortilla) served with guacamole, carrot peanut cole slaw, spring rolls and a salad, $10.50. Descent, nothing to write home about. I think I preferred my vegetarian chili served over brown rice (both organic and from Trader Joe's) which I paired with an organic avocado for that day's lunch.

Banana Bliss pie for dessert, $5.25. Not 'bliss', but a comforting vegan version of banana pudding pie. Make your own at home.

This vegetarian eatery does have some eggs and dairy on the menu, but items are clearly marked if contain them.

Service was prompt and friendly, and prices are reasonable. Glad I tried it once, but not dreaming of my next visit there, so it's on to other culinary adventures for me.

Visit Zen Palate, 663 Ninth Ave. (at 46th St), or check out their Financial District location at 104 John Street.


Chessbuff said...

$5.25 for that piece of pie? I'm cheap so I find that highly priced. I still resent that a slice of plain pizza is no longer 45 cents, like it used to be in 1978.

Vegan Good Life said...

Fair enough. Since this is NYC, at any veg restaurant, we're paying a premium for their real estate. Although it was refreshing not to see an enormous slice of pie. Portion sizes are completely out of control.

I consider myself to be frugal in so many other ways ($15 haircuts, library for almost everything, thrift store shopping, brown bagging lunch 95% of the time, etc.), my one "splurge" is trying out some restaurants for dinner (where I often get two portions out of a meal). But I know what you mean. I'm still uneasy with the $12 dessert at Candle 79!