Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Recent Trip to Greece and Mexico...

...well, okay, maybe Uncle Nick's and Salsa y Salsa in New York City. But I felt like my taste buds traveled!

At Uncle Nick's, I shared the Melitzanosalata (eggplant dip), $5.95, with warm grilled pita bread to start. I felt like I may have detected feta cheese in here (but not sure), even though the waiter said it was non-dairy. Maybe it was roasted garlic? Make your own at home.

Vegetable kebob with rice, $12.95. The appetizer was so filling that I brought half of this and some dip and pita home in my reusable containers. Not only is it more eco-friendly (no disposables and no food waste), it allows for easy transport to bring to the office the next day. At the sight of my leftovers, many of my co-workers were filled with Uncle Nick's-envy!

Visit Uncle Nick's, 382 Eighth Ave. (at W 29th St.), New York City

I bring my lunch almost always, mainly to save money, but my co-workers and I needed a break from eating in our cramped office kitchen and cubicles, so we hit festive Salsa y Salsa.

A non-alcoholic pomegranate margarita, $6. A beverage and a dessert in one!

Ensalada De Jicama Y Naranja with mango, watercress, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, pineapple and lemon-line cilantro dressing, $8.95. I held the manchego cheese, but forgot about the dressing! So this may have dairy. Honestly, I don't lose sleep over exposure to trivial amounts of dairy like this when it's unintentional. I do the best I can.

Visit Salsa y Salsa, 206 Seventh Ave. (at 22nd St.), New York City.

That said, all the above was delicious. Dining out can give you ideas on recreating the feasts at home for much cheaper. With summer grilling season here, those kebobs would be great over lemon rice served with some homemade peach iced tea.

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