Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some Green Fashion: Don't Believe the Hype

Recently, while getting a frugal $15 hair cut at Supercuts, where PETA-approved brand Paul Mitchell is available, I flipped through a copy of Marie Claire. There was a fashion spread about an alleged eco-minded model, and her attempt to pair spring jackets with organic and sustainable shirts, jeans and shoes. One of the jackets was a $4500 leather Ralph Lauren piece. Not eco-friendly! Learn more about the detrimental impact on our Earth leather has. She was also carrying a disposable coffee cup with a plastic lid, that will languish away in the landfill. You can read the whole ridiculous article here.

In the midst of a recession, most people don't have money for $400 Stella McCartney tops, nor should we promote the idea of spending that much ever. The hype behind green fashion is getting out of hand. In that spirit, I organized a clothing swap at work to promote the idea of giving your unwanted clothes a second life, and instead of purchasing something new, picking a used option instead.

In addition to spring/summer clothing, we added beauty products, jewelry, scarves and other accessories to the mix.

I scored an adorable blue cotton sundress, an Old Navy red clutch, and a striped cotton H&M top.

Most of the unclaimed items are bound for the C.A.T.S. Resale Shop. Cruelty-free treats included Trader Joe's maple cookies and sparkling pomegranate juice, and homemade sweet tea. Served, of course, on reusable dishes (the pink daisy plate is from C.A.T.S. Resale). Brightened up by flowers borrowed from the reception desk.

Can you find a new home for your unwanted items? Consider doing a swap of your own (many are already asking me when the next one will be). Donating items to your local thrift store, holding a garage sale, or freecycle are all great options as well. Mass consumption is not good for our wallets or the planet.

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