Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Sweet Seville

A captivating city awaits.

The Plaza de España beckons a stroll.

At the Alcazar, a 10th-century palace...

gardens ask to be admired.

The imagination is awakaned.

Columbus shadows you. In the United States, Columbus Day seems to be just another excuse to have a department store sale.

The Virgin of the Navigators altarpiece, which contains the earlier known portrait of Columbus. From Rick Steves Spain 2007:

"Notice how the Virgin's cape seems to protect everyone under it-- even the Native Americans in the dark background (the first time "Indians" were painted in Europe).

"A model of Columbus' Santa Maria, his flagship and only one of his three ships not to survive the 1492 voyage. Columbus complained the Santa Maria - a big cargo ship, different from the sleek Nina and Pinta caravels - was too slow. On Christmas Day, it ran aground and tore a hole in its keel. The ship was dismantled to build the first permanent structure in America, a fort of 39 colonists. (After Columbus left, the natives burned the fort and killed the colonists)."

Th Cathedral, the third largest church in Europe (after St. Peter's at the Vatican and St. Paul's in London), and largest gothic church anywhere.

Inside lies the Tomb of Columbus.

"Columbus even travelled a lot posthumously. He was buried first in Spain, then in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, then Cuba, and --when Cuba gained independence from Spain, around 1900-he sailed home again to Sevilla. Are the remains actually his? Sevillans like to think so." The mural is St. Christopher, the patron saint of travellers. Thank you, Rick. I shall always bring you along as a tour guide in Europe.

Stunning views are to be seen from the top of the cathedral's bell tower.

Upon seeing this statue, I recalled the delight of being surrounded by books. I also pondered how different our society would be if we placed as much effort on expanding our minds and making the world a better place that we do on obsessions with vanity and trying to maintain a youthful appearance.

Flamenco shows entertain. My ticket was 17 euros (you can spend much more, or find a free show which I didn't research).

Dining outdoors amid the beauty of it all on a quiet evening. Tapas time at Levies: gazpacho, as it was everywhere, served pureed, this time with an ice cube, and sangria.

Spinach with chickpeas. I love the idea of smaller plates. Getting a massive plate of food has become totally unappetizing to me.

Cinnamon tea, the perfect ending for my time in sweet Seville.

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