Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Was a Holiday Maker

In Barcelona, taking in the view of the city from Gaudí's magnificent (and still unfinished) Sagrada Família.

I drank more sangria on this vacation than in my entire lifetime. I wish I had some now...

I had café con leche at a local haunt in Valencia. When surrounded by all men, many of whom were drinking beer for breakfast at 9 a.m., I figured best not ask if soy milk is an option! (I did find soy milk elsewhere, more about that later).

Vegetarian paella, 9 euros, at a cafe in Granada, much more humane than the traditional version.

Taking in a flamenco show in Seville.

In Madrid, savoring gazpacho drizzled with olive oil, 3 euros, at Mercado de San Miquel.

Sharing churros con chocolate, 3.50 euros, at Chocolatería San Ginés.

Sipping on mint tea at a cafe in Morocco, I could not believe I never had this delightful beverage before.

I had an unexpected love affair with Lisbon. Its magical Castelo de São Jorge.

Darkening skies would not dampen my spirits in this charming city (remember, I like rainy weather).

More highlights to come, including stops at a vegan deli in Barcelona, a vegan bakery in Seville, and a vegan buffet in Lisbon, oh my my!


Candles by Nature said...

Looks like you're having an amazing time, I'm so jealous! :)

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

It was fun but exhausting with so many locations. Phew! Lucky for that sangria!

MaddyG said...

Oh wow, Lisbon looks heavenly! So glad you're sharing your photos and memories with us.

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks so much. Lisbon was by far my favorite stop, worth the exhausting 10 hour overnight train trip from Madrid! Would have loved to have seen more of Portugal, it's really worthy of its own trip.