Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Love Lisbon

I had a friendship with Barcelona and Madrid, a steamy fling with Granada and Seville, and short but very heated romance with Morocco. But above all, Lisbon had my heart. I loved it as soon as I stepped out of the train station. Remembering fondly...

The Castelo de São Jorge...

where cats sunbath, and...

peacocks roam.

Its charming trolleys.

Even this young park goer took a special ride.

Its unique architecture, from its color-tiled buildings,

to its inviting squares,

to stunning details that appear everywhere.

It was just all so magical.

The Belém Tower, which has stood guard over Lisbon's harbor since 1520. I took the harrowing narrow staircase to the top.

Its Monument to the Discoveries pays tribute to Prince Henry the Navigator and the nation's leading explorers. I vow to explore as much in this life as possible: books, places, food, people, ideas. Learning, a lifelong process, which we should embrace and never take for granted its rewards.

I still remain in awe of it all.

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