Monday, August 9, 2010

A Taste of Switzerland in New York

Generations young...

...and young-at-heart, some Swiss-born (like my parents), some Swiss-American (me) and some honorary Swiss for the day (my sweetheart) were on hand for New York City's annual Swiss National Day celebration.

Some even sported cool cow hats.

In the act of making raclette.

Raclette is a traditional Swiss dish of melted cheese, boiled potatoes, Cornichon pickles and pearl onions. Aspiring vegans struggle with cheese for good reason.

My general rule when deciding to eat vegetarian instead of vegan (remember, I don't strive for unrealistic perfection) is to make sure it's something I absolutely love and will savor. (Note to self: do not eat the horrendous non-vegan sheet cake at office birthday parties. Those lapses aren't worth it).

Black Forest cake, and slices of cake filled with Kirsch, a cherry brandy.

Hazelnut cake.

Swiss wine. Behind it, some very un-Swiss Bud Light.

A $5 donation garnered a Swiss pin, with proceeds going to the restoration of a painting in Geneva.

The Swiss ambassador gave a speech focused on economic discipline, and when he mentioned the importance of living within your means, the crowd applauded. A concept we should all resolve to import.

Flashback to last year's Swiss Day festivities.

Never been to Switzerland? Let's go. More in my next post.

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