Friday, August 13, 2010

Switzerland, Remembering

Picturesque villages. When walking crowded New York City sidewalks, I sometimes consider pulling a Swiss "Under the Tuscan Sun" move.

Farm animals basking in open pastures. No crates, no cages, no lifetime jail sentences. Wondering why all farm animals aren't entitled to such freedom. Factory farming is a crime against the animal kingdom, and a black mark on humanity.

Marveling that even on the highest mountaintops, you will find places of worship.

Being blessed with a clear view of the Matterhorn.

Cozy alpine restaurants.

Swiss chocolate. Need I say more?

Forrest Gump, recalling the humbling beauty of our world, declared it was hard to tell where the Earth ended, and heaven began.

After a tram ride up, taking in the view from top of Lugano.

Walking by the lakeside at Lugano.

Taking the street car in Zurich, as I did often during summer vacations in my youth.

After a cloudy day...

the sun always returns.

The force of nature in Tori Amos' Mountain, "So the city spits you out, rejected. She'll be down when the mountain lets her go." Not wanting to let go of the mountain.


Cate said...

Wow, Switzerland is beautiful! We went to Lucerne for a couple days on our honeymoon, and we REALLY didn't like was pretty, but everyone was very rude to us, and the town felt too touristy. Maybe that was the problem? Seeing your pictures makes me less afraid to go back there. :-)

Candles by Nature said...

I know what you mean, I lived in Brooklyn for about two years and I felt like running away almost every I finally did. I'm now living in the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY and I LOVE it here. The air is always clean, the people are friendly, and the scenery is gorgeous...can't beat that ;)

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks, Cate. Sorry you had a bad experience, on your honeymoon no less. I didn't visit Lucerne on this trip (a few years ago). Hope you'll have a more positive experience one day. We also took the Glacier Express (a scenic train trip starting in Zermatt). The scenery is like being in a dream. And the food! Muesli for breakfast, picnic lunches of bread, cheese, chocolate (hazelnut is a favorite, but all are good), and fruit. Raclette and fondue in Zermatt; gorgonzola gnocchi in Lugano; spaetzle (never as good as my mom's!), red cabbage, cider and a chestnut vermicelli dessert in Zurich. And the fruity Swiss white wines! I hadn't even considered veganism yet when I was there.

Candles by Nature: I was again in Woodstock recently (I'll blog about that later) and love that mountain air. People at commuting hubs (Port Authority, Grand Central, etc.) look so drained at the day's end. I was just discussing the same thing with someone in the Manhattan office where I work who is relocating to the Midwest for the slower pace, cleaner air and better cost of living. Good for you!

Candles by Nature said...

Yeah, I'm not too far from Woodstock. It's a great little town. Every day I am thankful that we moved up here and escaped the city life. I like going down to NYC every once in awhile but my personality is perfectly suited to living in a rural setting...I was definitely one of those drained commuters in Grand Central when we lived in Brooklyn haha.