Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Back to My Roots

Happy Anniversary Switzerland! To celebrate your 718th year since becoming a country, folks gathered in New York City for the Swiss Benevolent Society's annual first of August celebration. I attended with my parents, who were both born and raised in Switzerland.

What a view! The festivities took place on the rooftop garden of 230 Fifth.

A salad and white wine. Swiss, of course.

Why oh why can't they veganize this? Raclette. Well, the potatoes, cornishons, and pearl onions are vegan. Veganize Swiss fondue.

Veganize Black Forest Cake.

Even Heidi and William Tell came to entertain the youngest Swiss generation.

The alphorn.

I don't ski, but I do love chocolate! Swiss Day goers were given a bar of Lindt Dark Chocolate for the road. Yeah, that's how we roll.

Traveling in Switzerland? The HappyCow makes finding vegetarian options there easy.

Know where the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe is? Zurich! Hiltl Vegetarian Restaurant has been serving vegetarian food since 1898. Spaghetti alla carbonara (using smoked tofu instead of ham?) Let's leave now.

"Pleasure is the first and most important issue of the food," says Managing Director Peter Vauthier. As we vegans and vegetarians know, there is no sacrifice of pleasure in eating veg.

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