Friday, July 30, 2010

Seasonal Delights at The Rolling Pin Cafe

Recently, my mom and I lunched at Westwood, New Jersey's quaint Rolling Pin Cafe. Typically, this place is packed to capacity, leaving it too noisy for us most times. Many must of have been at the beach or elsewhere the steaming July day when we visited.

Quaint tables are inside. We adore sitting outside at one of their two tables, but it was just too hot.

Rolling pins!

Raspberry lemonade, $2. My lemonade consumption goes up exponentially in the summer. I love all varieties.

Half a grilled zucchini and beefsteak tomato sandwich with roasted garlic and onion jam, and their weekly salad special with peaches, strawberries and candied cashews, with a side of sweet potato salad, $8.25. I held the cheese on both. I love adding seasonal fruits to salad. What's more seasonal than zucchini and tomatoes?

In season: peach blueberry crisp. This one looked mouth-watering. Crisps are easy to veganize at home with the help of Earth Balance or other non-dairy substitutes.

They do have soy milk available for coffee or tea (hard to believe so many places don't carry it). Do try the toasted coconut coffee.

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