Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Bastille Day!

A little history on why we're breaking out the baguettes and Edith Piaf records today.

Let's visit New York City's annual Bastille Day Fair and have a picnic: gazpacho with a piece of baguette, $5, and an Orangina, $2.

Fruit jellies, everything from cassis to apricot to mango (made with pectin) from Burdick Chocolate, 2 for $1 or 12 for $5.

Mon Dieu - vegan cookies at the Bastille Day festival?!? This is almost as exciting as David Lebovitz's post on vegan strawberry ice cream.

I had a coconut macaroon, $2, from Vegan Divas. They also had vegan brownies and oatmeal raisin cookies - not very French, but a great sign of progress how vegan food is showing up all over the place.

Veganize Nutella, a favorite spread for bananas, crepes and crusty bread everywhere. I haven't tried the recipe, and the real thing is a major weakness of mine.

"A girl should be 2 things, classy and fabulous," Coco Chanel declares on this cute reusable tote from Girls' Guide to Paris.

French women are famous for their scarves, and even this adorable chien got into the act. Flashback to Gillian Young's advice on how to tie a scarf like a Frenchie.

Cheerful books for the youngest francophiles.

Buttons from FIAF (French Institute Alliance Fran├žaise).

Music from Les Sans Culottes.

Learn about the symbolism of the French flag.

Flashback to last year's festivities.

Carol from Paris Breakfasts also covered the fun.


MaddyG said...

Thanks for sharing the festivities! Mon dieu, you had me at "Nutella" and "Macaroon"! Hope you're having a fantastic summer. ; )

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

You're welcome, and thanks for the comment. Oh that Nutella! Chocolate and hazelnut together = heaven.

Having a great summer - enjoying the slower pace the heat demands of us all. Hope you are too with Noah and your husband.