Friday, January 9, 2009

Soup's On...

One word to sum on today: "Brrrr!"

I almost always brown-bag it for lunch. It saves so much money and is usually healthier. But today, I splurged on lentil soup with veggies at the Soup Spot. There aren't many great deals in Manhattan, but at $4.95 for a large soup, a crusty piece of bread and a piece of fruit (almost always an apple), this is as good as one as you'll find. By comparison, a can of organic lentil soup with vegetables at Trader Joe's is only $1.99. The Soup Spot always offer a few vegetarian, non-dairy soups.

New Yorkers love a bargain. Always a line, but it moves fast.

I use only non-disposable dishes at work, as you see below. This includes plates, silverware, a glass and mug. I even have a cloth napkin and towel for washing dishes. I'm mortified at all the paper cups and plates and plastic utensils ending up in our landfills, and have tried to educate my coworkers about this. To my delight, many now use ceramic mugs, and are using the reusables dishes I picked up for next to nothing at the C.A.T.S. resale shop. Can you "green" your office kitchen?

Soup Spot,, 220 W. 31st Street, between 7th & 8th Ave.


Anarchist Jew said...

awesome! i should try this place :D
have you seen this blog? i'ts one of my favorites!

(this is AJ from work- i just saw you in the kitchen) :D

Vegan Good Life said...

I have not seen that site. Thanks so much for sharing.