Friday, January 23, 2009

Pancho's Burritos...As Close As I'll Get to Mexico

While I can't make it to the Mexican Riviera anytime soon, I can get to Pancho's Burritos, my local Mexican haunt in New Milford. They have outdoor seating in warmer months. I love alfresco dining. But it's January, so I digress.

Pancho's excitingly offers soy cheese and tofu sour cream. Does your Mexican hang-out offer these? I like to put in a verbal request for soy products when I can. If no one asks, they won't realize there's a demand.

A virgin strawberry margarita, $4.50. I haven't felt like imbibing lately (no particular reason), but they offer alcoholic ones. The mango and peach varieties are delicious.

Veggie enchiladas, $11. I got two meals out of this. Green tip of the day: Bring your own take out containers with you for leftovers, and avoid their Styrofoam containers.

Visit them at: 214 Main Street, New Miford, NJ or 20 Jefferson Ave., Westwood, NJ

Or make your own Mexican feast at home. My Trader Joe's has everything I could possibly need: refried black beans, organic brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, multi-grain tortilla chips, salsa (varieties include pineapple, smokey peach and more). And, of course, the veggies: avocados, bell peppers, onions and portobello mushrooms. Finish with one of their frozen "Fruit Floes": strawberry, Caribbean, mango or lime. So refreshing!

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