Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Jersey Girl Hits Jersey Boys

Yes, I'm from New Jersey. Which exit you ask? Very funny, wise guy. In fact, this is such a running joke, Jersey Boys Grill in New Milford even has a drink named "Exit 161." They also have a drink named the "Bon Jovi." And no, I've never seen Bon Jovi in concert (gasp), although I think I have the "Slippery When Wet" cassette back at my parents' house.

Here's a recap of my first visit to JerseyBoys:

A house salad to start with basil vinaigrette. $3.95 for a small, $5.50 for a large.

The grilled vegetable thin crust pizza, which is made in a wood fired stove. $9.50. Who needs cheese?

Visit them at 704 River Rd., New Milford, NJ and sit by the fireplace.

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