Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Rewrite the Book" on Farm Animal Welfare

"Let's put our heads together and start a new country up. Our father's father's father tried, erased the parts he didn't like." - Cuyahoga, R.E.M.

While many of our wallets may not be as full as we would like in these hard economic times, what we always have, no matter what, is our voice. And it is those who use it that decide the direction of our nation, and not just on election day. Our elected leaders are sent to the legislature to change society for the better and uphold the values of a fair and just society.

Unfortunately, there is no justice for today's suffering farm animals. Laws to protect them are essentially non-existent in most states. Egg-laying hens are some of the worst treated. A mind-boggling 95 percent of the eggs in the U.S. come from hens crammed five or more into a cage the size of a filing drawer, according to Farm Sanctuary. In the pork industry, the majority of breeding sows spend most of their lives inside 2-foot-wide metal crates. Veal calves are chained by the neck inside 2-foot-wide enclosures for their entire lives. All suffer so we humans can enjoy some fleeting pleasure of a meal. While people's enjoyment of that meal is so temporary, the animals' suffering can last months, even years.

There is something you can do today. You can contact your state legislators and tell them this treatment is unacceptable and that laws need to be on the books to provide more humane conditions for the 10 billion animals who are raised and killed for food each year in the United States.

Farm Sanctuary has created this easy-to-use form letter to contact them.
Learn more about the campaign.

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