Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Clothing Sale: 100 Percent Off

On a preview of an upcoming segment on online shoe retailer on CBS Sunday Morning, the commentator said what's constantly being drilled into all our heads: If Americans want to get the economy going, they're going to have to start shopping. Always, the consumer as the savior, as Alea wisely put. I say enough is enough.

Meanwhile, while walking out of Trader Joe's, I spotted a girl (about 12 I'd guess), carrying a Coach bag. The owner of a consignment shop told me teens come in there and refuse to purchase the copies, insisting they only carry "the real thing." Marketers are getting to females younger and younger, and Sex and the City and other media images don't help matters. Product placement ladies, we don't fall for it.

That said, I went on a shopping spree - for free - at our annual summer clothing swap, which I co-organize with two other women at work.

We offered light refreshments from budget-friendly Trader Joe's: guacamole, pineapple salsa, multi-grain tortilla chips, with strawberry lemonade to wash it down. One co-organizer requested their maple leaf creme cookies. They may seem more fall-like, but people seem to LOVE these year round. Plus, they're vegan!


The above was a fraction of it. We received a lot of fall items so set up a section with colorful posters that said, "Fall Preview," and also had a Sleepwear section. Someone even brought four pairs of new boy short panties (yes, new, with the tags still affixed). Many had quite a laugh, but guess what - they were all taken!

I don't know who can wear these types of heels. While I secretly wish I could sport black heels a la Diane Lane in the film Unfaithful, my feet beg for Sophia Petrillo shoes a la the Golden Girls.

These shoes are a bit more my speed. Cute polka dots. Not my size.

Necklaces, and a brand new satin clutch bag. I returned the black necklace I got at a prior swap (next to the red).

Brand new watch with rotating bands in a case.

A sampling of unwanted beauty products. Over half of these were taken, include new soap and bubble bath from Bath and Body Works, and Burberry and Tommy Girl perfume. Have unwanted lotion? Put it in your office bathroom for communal use after handwashing, which we did with the leftovers.

I'm not a fan of gifting scented lotions, sprays and such to someone unless you know they love that scent. Even then, I once received a pricey Origins set (which my friend knew I liked, but didn't know that I no longer did) and I ended up donating it. I also once got a White Musk Body Shop gift set from a friend - but that was her favorite scent, not mine (I actually wondered if it was a re-gift). I exchanged it for something else. Truth be told, I've received so many unwanted gifts (and I'm sure given many myself), I stopped doing gifts period.

My finds (I'm disclosing brand names as an FYI):

White top with black trim, Old Navy; white sweater, H&M; black beaded skirt, Express; and black sandals, Anne Klein.

Old Navy was advertising these long flowy skirts on television, but mine (brand JJ Club) was free. Green Abercrombie & Fitch top.

An Edme & Esyllte cotton top (about twice the length in the picture) and white cotton Gap cardigan. I also scored a cute beige sweater (not pictured), which will be perfect on the air conditioned bus and office.

Leftovers? To Salvation Army in Chelsea, New York City, C.A.T.S. Resale Shop (to benefit homeless cats and dog), and This-n-That Thrift Shop in Hillsdale, New Jersey, to benefit Shelter Our Sisters.

Okay to acquire second-hand wool, silk, and leather at swaps, thrift shops, eBay or other outlets for used goods? I say yes. Take a look at the 50 cent bin at the C.A.T.S. Resale Shop. The second hand market is flooded with unwanted clothes and shoes. I'd rather acquire a second-hand item, even non-vegan, versus going to the mall and buying something new. I'm now relying on swaps and thrift and consignment shops for my clothing needs.

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