Monday, June 7, 2010

Browsing, Not Buying, at Family Jewels Vintage Clothing

Images of this are all over New York City. Women, repeat after me: we shall not wish to wear $500 shoes because some fictitious character wears them and clever product placement tells us we must. We know better.

Meanwhile, I popped into The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing, a vintage store where you can find everything from Victorian garb to eighties fashion. Hmmm, maybe I should have saved my pink day glow purse from the eighties and sold it?

Let's peek in the window. Love the apron.

Cute bandana. Note the laundry hang drying in the background.

Project Laundry List is one of my favorite grassroots groups. I hang dry everything - clothes, towels, sheets, blankets - on a drying rack and on hangers in my one bedroom apartment. It can be done!

Check out this video by American Josh Soskin living in Spain. He calls the act of hang drying "beautiful," "meditative" and "a small difference in how we live" and wonders "if these small details aren't ultimately what will make or break us in the future." I completely concur.

Glamour, why did we abandon it? The Notebook was on television this weekend and my sister and I so admired Rachel McAdams' feminine, classic style. In New Jersey, I've seen far too many people out in their pajama pants. Unless you've just gotten out of surgery, I'd say it's a "fashion don't."

A Victorian era top that was hanging in my dressing room. Adorable, but not at over $100.

Okay, so I coveted something expensive. But the key: I didn't buy it. I thought I looked quite fetching in this hat, but at $109, I couldn't justify it. There was a store wide 10 percent off sale, but even still.

I was just thinking how many of my skirts are too short, when I came across "A Long, Lean Backlash to the Mini" in The New York Times style section that longer hem lines are coming into fashion.

Bow ties, and instructions on how to tie a tie. Love a man in a suit.

Well that was fun. But thrift shops are far better hunting grounds for vintage clothing or at least recreating the look for those on a budget. More about that next.

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