Saturday, March 6, 2010

It Takes a British Chef...

to step up to the plate to reverse and revolutionize horrendous American eating habits. "This is the first generation of kids expected to live a shorter life than their parents," Jamie Oliver bemoans. Shame on us is right, Jamie.

“Immediately you get a really clear sense of do the kids know anything about where food comes from,” he observes. I don't think some adults know much more.

Learn more about Jamie's Food Revolution, debuting Friday, March 26th on ABC. You can sign his petition he plans to take to the White House.

Jamie's Fowl Dinners show enlightened the British public about the real cost behind their cheap eggs and chicken. Watch the show here.

I am a great admirer of Mr. Oliver. I've blogged about his efforts to educate about the horrors of the pork industry, and my disillusionment over why no major American chefs are as outraged over the source of their "ingredients."

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