Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$5 Frugal Meal: La Batalla

When a friend and I got together for a meal and some long overdue catching up, we settled on cheerful, inexpensive La Batalla in Bergenfield.

I love that they have cloth napkins.

Guava nectar, $1.50. Love the fancy goblet! Whenever possible, I just say no - to straws.

Sopes, $3.50 Only beef, chicken or shrimp were listed as choices, but I asked for a vegetarian one, no cheese. Simply grilled cornmeal topped with beans and veggies. Delicious.

Beyond a few items, vegetarian and vegan options are rarely visible on a menu. It pays to look at more carnivorous options too to see how you can remove the meat. I'm guilty myself of looking for the veg options, making my decision, and sitting silently while my omnivore dining companion reviews their extensive list of options.

Incidentally, I made an entire meal out of this appetizer (plus a good portion of chips and their homemade salsa). Entrees in most restaurants will garner two meals, and I'm often armed with a reusable container to take leftovers for my office lunch. Consider an appetizer as a meal if you're looking to eat lighter or don't want the leftovers. Saving a few dollars is an added benefit.


ByTheBay said...

wow, that looks fantastic! the decor looks nice, too, which i always appreciate in a restaurant. bergenfield must have lots of hidden gems, i'm guessing.

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

It's really great for authentic food. There are some restaurants to me that seem more in it for the "business." Places like this are all about the passion for good, home cooked food.

I found it when a friend and I were looking to grab a bite one day before a film at the cinema in town. The prices are great too.

There's another Mexican place in town that looks good but I haven't tried it. On the "to do" list!