Friday, March 26, 2010

Dessert Times Two? A Good Day

In the shadow of the Empire State Building...

I went the Macy's Herald Square.

Why? It was free cone day at Ben & Jerry's! Strawberry kiwi sorbet for me.

Why is New York City called the Big Apple? Here's why.

Two hours later, I ate dessert again! The week's Tuesday tea break at work sponsored by - moi. I picked up a blueberry pie and cherry pie (both vegan-friendly) at Old Hook Farm. I didn't have time to bake over weekend or Monday night. Instead, I was proud to give my money to hard-working, family farmers.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for some added sweetness.

What better companion to tea than a good book? We used tea time to spread the word about Kathy's book swap.

Speaking of reading, I have a confession. I miss getting The New York Times delivered during the week, and have been debating re-subscribing. I miss reading an actual paper. You just miss so much online. Catching up a week's worth of reading at the library would take hours.

I think it's vital to stay on top of current events. I cannot understand that so many people simply don't care to turn on the news or even check one of the multiple online news outlets.

A final few thoughts on dessert. I keep hearing from women, "swimsuit season is coming up!" Frankly, I don't care what New Jersey shore beachgoers think of my thighs. I just have fun reading a book, taking a stroll at the water's edge, and a refreshing dip in ocean.

I recently saw a news story that eating sweets (particularly the sugar) will speed the aging process. I'd rather have a few extra wrinkles than no sweets in my life.

A woman in the piece was 38 years old and already getting Botox injections. Why? Why are so many obsessed with a youthful appearance and a quest for vanity, and not enriching their minds or making the world a better place? Is the number of wrinkles going to matter at the end of their lives?

Imagine if the money spent on Botox treatments and cosmetic procedures was instead donated to a children's hospital, animal shelter, or other worthy cause?

Here's vowing to age with grace, dignity, wisdom and gratitude. And with many more desserts to come.


ConsciouslyFrugal said...

Cheers galore! What a fabulous post. I couldn't agree more. I will never understand the want of a face that does not look as if it's lived.

As for news. Ug. I stopped getting our local paper when Michael Jackson and other non-news stories became front page "news" while things of local interest, namely that a new plant would be spewing out toxins into our city's air in exchange for some cap and trade credits, was regulated to small columns buried pages back. Thankfully, we have several free neighborhood-focused papers that have great coverage.

As for national news, I use online "alt" sources. I've honestly never read the NY Times and thought it a waste after the scandals. Do you still consider it a reputable source? What's the real news vs. infotainment ratio?

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks, CF! So sad many of these procedures make people look unnatural and worse than without them.

People's idea of staying on top of current events seems to involve celebrity marital woes. We live in such tabloid times.

I live in NJ and work in NYC. I read my local news online ( But I love the Times not only for its new offerings, but sections like the Science Times, Dining, and its arts coverage.

I'm also in front of a computer most of the day for my job, so reading a paper extensively online isn't very appealing. Plus I wonder about the health ramifications of all these gadgets: computers, cell phones, etc. But that's a whole other blog post!

Non Consumer Girl said...

Hi, Just found your blog...

Love it and your values!

Non Consumer Girl

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks very much for the compliment, it's greatly appreciated.

Cate said...

I despise when women take me into their confidence regarding weight loss and expect me to complain about my thighs/stomach/whatever right along with them. Of course I have days where I'm unhappy with my body (I think we all do), but the whole weight loss culture creeps me out, especially as someone recovering from an eating disorder. I try to gently steer the conversation in another direction, but it doesn't always work!

I feel the same way about sugar, white bread, etc. For the most part I eat very healthily (lots of vegetarian meals, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit), but I also eat a lot of bread and sweets, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. Sugar definitely enhances my quality of life. :-)

Re: newspapers...I'm with Aldra! I stopped reading my local paper and the NYT almost simultaneously, after getting fed up with the abounding sexism. I hated seeing issues like pay equity and women's health relegated to the "style" section. Now I get most of my news from alternative sources, though I do click over to the NYT if someone's linked an interesting article.

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Cate- thanks so much for sharing your story. Oh the weight comments. I'm a size 8 (but fluctuate from 6-10). I used to be closer to a 4. I’ve had women 20 pounds thinner complain to me that they are "fat" and have been asked many times if I'm pregnant (never have been). I even once had a former neighbor say, "wow, you gained a lot of weight!" When I'm closer to a 6, I'll hear, "you lost a lot of weight." Our society’s weight obsession is horrifying, and people's insensitivity is mind-boggling. As women, we should all say, enough is enough. We shouldn’t have to defend or make apologies for our weight.

I don't endorse/recommend any particular news source, just as long as people are tuning into to something, anything. So many seem to simply not care (much to the delight of politicians and corporations).

It is my great wish that we pursue wisdom and knowledge with the same energy we spend on vanity.

Cate said...

People can be tactless, can't they? The whole "commenting openly on other people's bodies" thing is so weird to me. My MIL is terrible about this! Throughout my pregnancy she said things like, "Oh, your boobs are so much bigger. I bet Jason's enjoying that!" (seriously, I about died), and then after I had my daughter, things like "I see you got your body back!" It was very awkward! "Horrifying" is totally the right word for our society's weight obsession.

You're right, I'd much rather people read newspapers (even ones I personally don't) than nothing! I'm also amazed by the total lack of curiosity in our culture.