Friday, July 3, 2009

Salsa y Salsa: Again! But So Good!

I know, I was just there...but Mayor Bloomberg called and pleaded with me to help keep the restaurant economy afloat in New York City!

A rain storm hit shortly after getting a table inside. No al fresco dining that day.

Sheltered from the rain, I enjoyed a virgin pineapple margarita, $6, along with "pepitas," roasted pumpkin seeds with ancho chili, cumin and cayenne pepper, $1.95. Two paws up for both! I don't miss the alcohol in margaritas, and it saves a few dollars, always a good thing.

Off of their lunch specials, I ordered the vegetarian tacos with pico de gallo, hold the queso, por favor, $8.95. Delicioso!

Canine-envy kicked in when I spotted six doggies across the street. As much as I'm fascinated by people watching, I love dog-watching!

Salsa y Salsa, 206 Seventh Ave. (at 22nd St.), New York City.

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