Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally...Summer in NYC

The great weather is here (at last), but you don't need to have Mayor Bloomberg's wallet to enjoy summer in New York City. Here are some of my favorite and frugal ways to make the most out of the season.

The Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, going on every Monday through August 17th. To score a coveted lawn seat, you'll have to get there early (the lawn opens at 5). There are also tables on the sides.

Pack along some tasty vegan food. Hummus, crusty bread, fresh fruit, and vegan brownies all make for simple but delightful picnic fare. Or order a veggie-topped pizza (hold the cheese). Some veg food can also be found at witchcraft.

The movie doesn't start until dusk, so enjoy what on-the-go New Yorkers seldom get to do: nothing more than chat, eat and relax.

One vegetarian sandwich (easily veganize holding the egg and mayo) from Macaron Cafe, some hummus and carrots, and a glass of something delightfully sparkling later, the action began. First, a preview of the new Harry Potter film (Hermoine= great role model for young women), followed by a Looney Tunes cartoon.

What's the only natural thing to do before the movie starts? Get up and dance!!!

At last...Dog Day Afternoon. The truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. The true story of a bank robbery gone terribly wrong starring Al Pacino.

The Central Park Film Festival runs August 18-22. Even Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte will be there. On screen anyway.

Pack the picnic basket, grab a Frisbee or your latest library book, and take in the sunshine in Central Park.

Don't forget to stop by Strawberry Fields.

Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing is going on now through July 25th. Always wanted to learn how to dance? Here's your chance. Take a lesson, enjoy live music, and cut up the rug for $15.

It's Bastille Day Tuesday. Contrary to Clark Griswold, you don't need to sport a beret with your name on it to be a Frenchie-at-heart (if only poor Rusty had known better). As usual, there will be a celebration on 60th Street this Sunday from noon to 6pm between Lexington and Fifth avenues. Last year, the hungry vegan (moi) did find something...some refreshing gazpacho. Learn more. Paris in New York keeps us Frenchie-wannabees in-the-know about films, music and more. The Paris Theatre usually has some French-inspired fare, including the now-playing Cherie. But my favorite spot for French films: my living room, watching a free dvd from the library.

Rock out for farm animals this Thursday, July 16th, at Kenny’s Castaways. The concert, a steal at just $10, will benefit one of my favorite charities, Farm Sanctuary and will feature Rorie Kelly, New Professionals, Neil Cavanagh, among others. Learn more.

Happy Summer!

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