Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Does a Vegan Get on an Airline Nowadays?

Sub-standard food, just like all the other passengers on Continental Airlines. But at least no animal had to suffer for a meal most have to suffer to eat. I'm endlessly intrigued by what vegans get served compared to everyone else.

Team carnivore: chicken or mystery meatballs, a salad, a roll and a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie. Team vegan: Some mystery Indian dish, really bad tabouleh salad, a roll, Smart Balance, Mrs. Dash, and a vegan health chocolate chip cookie that tasted like, well, a vegan health chocolate chip cookie.

The other passengers? A small croissant with fresh fruit cup. Vegans: a bagel, tropical fruit cup, Smart Balance and...Mrs. Dash again?

Another perk to veganism? We get our meals served first! Yet one more reason to be on team veggie!

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Chessbuff said...

I am surprised that the airline even catered to vegan and non-meat eaters. Just bring your own food, and avoid the further insult of airline food. I don't drink soda, fruit juices, and caffeinated coffee. I bet some of the flight attendants wonder if I eat at all...until i pull out some true food.