Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finding My Inner Molly

What does jewel tones, gold, leather, biker jackets, and the color red have in common? They are among the latest "must haves" for fall, according to various news clips I've seen. Even in hard economic times, women are still being told to keep spending hard-earned money on unneeded items. The fashion reporters will even say you don't have to spend a lot, only $100 (a lot in my book), since this will be "out" next year. To this, I'll borrow a line from Alicia Silverstone's Cher in Clueless: "as if!"

I've never bought into this bewildering notion of being "on trend." Why would you want to look like everyone else? I say embrace your sense of style and own it.

I'm a child of the 80s, and I even remember being baffled in school by everyone wearing Wigwam socks (remember those?) in rainbow colors, Keds and their jeans rolled up. How dull to be a carbon copy. My style icon of that decade: Molly Ringwald's Andie in Pretty in Pink, who looked completely amazing on a dime. She even rocked an eco-friendly prom dress, reinventing her friend's old dress into an entirely new look. I've almost forgiven her for not picking Duckie at the end. Almost. I still have a crush on Jon Cryer. But I digress.

Molly's Andie can still inspire us to look fabulous without spending a lot of (or any) money. Thrift store shopping and clothing swaps are great for this, and are my main source of "new" clothes.

At our latest swap, my two co-workers and I provided a few light refreshments, including Trader Joe's spiced cider (tasty cold or served heated), and maple cookies.

Perfumes, bags and accessories are good to include, so all sizes can find something. The giver of the Victoria's Secret perfume set received it last Christmas and had barely touched it. The recipient, my co-worker who was giving it to her teenage daughter, was thrilled to get it.

Some clothes still had tags on them, and two pairs of shoes were never worn.

So many clothes! I donated a dress (not pictured) I spent $100 on at a high-end consignment shop, which my co-worker was happy to receive. No more fashion 'splurges' for me. I've also saved a small fortune cutting out manicures/pedicures, going back to my natural hair color instead of dying it, cancelling my gym membership and going from $55 cuts at a fancy salon to $15 cuts at Supercuts.

Our leftovers went to the Salvation Army in Chelsea and the C.A.T.S. Resale Shop in Westwood, NJ. As you change your closet over to your fall/winter items, remember to keep season in mind if you donate them. If you're not shopping for tank tops and flip-flops at your local Salvation Army or other thrift shop, chances are someone else isn't either. Keep it in storage until the appropriate season arrives.

Andie, you are still an inspiration! And Duckie, you are still dreamy. I would have picked you! Blaine does sound like an appliance.

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