Monday, August 3, 2009

The Best Veggie Burger I've Ever Eaten...

is at Houston's, a non-vegetarian restaurant in Hackensack, NJ. Who knew?

The homemade burger is made with brown rice, black beans and oat bran, according to my waiter. He said this meal is vegan, just hold the mayo and cheese, and ask for toast instead of the bun (which contains egg). I've learned that eating out as a vegan often means having faith in what your waiter tells you. Just a tad pricey at $14. Served with choice of sides. I went with couscous with almonds and golden raisins.

The only other veg option: a vegetable plate with couscous for $12. PETA gave both dishes their approval on their Vegetarian and Vegan Fast Food page.

Major negative: there always seems to be a long wait here, no matter what time you go. There was over an hour wait at 7:30 on Tuesday. Browse at Barnes & Noble next door for your next library book while you wait.

Visit Houston's, 181 Riverside Square Mall, Hackensack.


Chessbuff said...

Thanks for the tip. My memory is so bad that I am unsure if I had eaten at Houston's or not. Nevertheless, I am still searching for a veggie burger with a wow factor to it. The last one I had, at Piggy Bank in Beacon, NY, was just so-so.

Kristin said...

My personal favorite! I'm not sure if it is vegan, but it's vegetarian. Even my boyfriend (a meat eater) will not order anything other than this veggie burger - it's just THAT good. It's packed with flavor and the mango chutney is to die for! Next time you are in Philly, give it a try