Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Vegan Dining in Watkins Glen

While my friends dined back on the farm... was time to hit downtown Watkins Glen. Dinner was a Gardenburger riblet sandwich with tortilla chips at the Crooked Rooster Pub.

Homemade vegan ice cream! I never see this on the menu. After a taste test, I picked the blueberry at the Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor.

Lunch at the Glen Mountain Market was a veggie BLT with chips and apple cider.

After day of hiking and wine touring, a carb-boost at Jerlando's was needed. Dinner was a house salad, wine...

...and a HUGE portion of spaghetti with mushrooms and garlic bread (no butter, please). This could have fed four people! Definitely split a dish if you go here.

The best for last. An apple reuben with a wheat berry salad at the Grist Mill Cafe. The most charming place of all!

It was so inspiring to see a slew of vegan options in non-vegetarian restaurants. Often, I'm lucky if restaurants have one or two vegetarian entrees I can "veganize." I was disappointed I didn't get to try the Stonecat Cafe (closed Mondays), since I heard great things.

I also hit Good Groceries market, where I stocked up on organic coffee and boxed vegan mac & cheese.

The soundtrack for the drive, Natalie Merchant's "The House Carpenter's Daughter" CD.

Farm Sanctuary friends...I'll never forget you. You've left an indelible hoof-, paw- and claw-print on my heart!

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