Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dumping Dairy for Good, With a Little Help from Trader Joe's

Linda the Farm Sanctuary resident says, "Give soy milk a try, you'll like it."

Even though I was a vegetarian for nearly two decades, I always avoided the idea of veganism. Oh that's too restrictive, I would say. I would miss ice cream and pizza too much. Now, like many of us do when we flip through our high school yearbooks, I find myself wondering, "What was I thinking?!?" There is absolutely nothing to sacrifice.

Almost as much as I love animals, I love a good bargain. And I find it every time I hit Trader Joe's. These non-dairy items have made the transition a no-brainer.

*Soy milk creamer. A bargain at only $1.49 a pint, I use this in place of half-and-half in coffee and tea, and also to thicken soups. Also look for multiple varieties of soy, rice, and almond milk, delicious in cereal and especially in their mint cocoa.
*Soy Creamy non-dairy frozen dessert. Available in vanilla (great on their vegan apple strudel), chocolate (divine in 'milkshakes'), mango vanilla and my personal favorite, cherry chocolate chip. Bye-bye Ben & Jerry's! When the ice cream truck came jingling down my street this summer, I simply popped out a Tofutti Cutie ice cream bar and kicked up my feet.
*Earth Balance non-dairy buttery spread. You won't miss the real thing. Contrary to popular belief, everything isn't better with butter. Linda couldn't agree more.
*Tofutti-brand non-dairy cream cheese. My cinnamon raisin bagel would not be the same without it.
*Hummus. In varieties such as roasted red pepper, tomato and basil, and roasted garlic, this is a great substitute for cheese.
*Roasted vegetable pizza (in the freezer aisle). This is their own store-brand version of the Amy's Kitchen brand, and about $3 cheaper than what you'll find the name brand for in Whole Foods.

While you're there, don't forget to stock up on banana waffles, meatless meatballs, black bean and corn enchiladas, and Gardernburger BBQ riblets. They also have an impressive selection of inexpensive, cruelty-free personal care items, including peppermint toothpaste, aloe body lotion, shea butter soap and fragrance-free shaving cream. Happy shopping!

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