Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Call at The Loving Hut

The office where I work is relocating to another part of Manhattan, which means no more lunchtime dining at the Loving Hut.

I shall miss this humane, cheerful little eatery, which spreads the good word about vegetarianism and veganism, both through images adorning its establishment, and its tasty food. It also stands in defiance to the many fur shops just around the corner from it, and the very un-animal friendly fast food restaurants which flood the Penn Station/Madison Square Garden area where it is located.

Vegans and vegetarians can often review most mainstream menus pretty quickly, as the veg options may be few. Here, an entire menu to choose from, plus specials!

The best entree I had there: vegan beef fried rice, $7. With five-grain rice and loaded with seasonal veggies, this was healthier and cruelty free version of the real deal.

A Snickers cookie, $1.50. Yum! I love when you ask for a glass of water, it comes flavored with lemon and in a pretty reusable cup.

Whenever we're eating, our rescue dog watches my family with envy and is licking his chops with a hopeful heart he'll get a taste.

When this organic chocolate cake, $5.75, came out, the people on line waiting for takeout and diners next to me had a similar expression!

I rarely order smoothies out since they are so simple (and less expensive) to make at home, but on a steamy August day, a strawberry smoothie, $4.50, was calling my name.

Business at the Loving Hut was thriving every time I went in, and I was happy to support this establishment and its quest to bring another vegan dining choice to New York City. Thanks for the memories, Loving Hut, and your work in helping animals, one meal at a time.


Candles by Nature said...

MMM That curry burger sounds delicious. I wish we had places like that in my area!

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

It does, doesn't it? I'm a brown bagger for lunch most days (mostly to save money), but when I needed a mental health break from my cubicle, this was a great option.

I wish you had places like that too. One day, fingers crossed!