Friday, September 10, 2010

At the Renaissance Fair: Vegan Fare, Check!

With two complimentary tickets in hand from an acquaintance, my sweetheart, his mother and I attended the New York Renaissance Fair. Admission is $20, and aside from the free shows (where tips are requested, but not required, and many performers were selling their CDs and DVDs), capitalism is alive and well in the Renaissance.

Don't try this at home: most of what thrill performer Dextre Tripp does at his entertaining show.

Dancing a jig for the queen's court.

Flowery headpieces for sale, $16-$18. They are pretty!

Hair braiding at the Rapunzel booth. Confession: I was pretty tempted to do this. You could spend $20 and upwards depending on the style. Much more charming than some of those horrendous and even more costly updos bridesmaids have to sport for weddings, in my opinion.

Whimsical toys.

I admired the craftsmanship of these Cornish mushrooms, $39 (not sure if the price varied for smaller ones). They would add a touch of charm to any garden.

A visit to the candle maker. He was encouraging giving them as holiday gifts saying everyone loves candles, but based on the number I see at thrift shops just after the holidays, I'd beg to differ. Although I, for one, adore them.

But alas, "money is no object" does not roll off my tongue. We only spent money on food and drink.

Fairgoers enjoying a libation in the lush forest amid campy signs that read, "Wanted: Robin Hood." I had a Hardcore cider, $6. I'm not a beer drinker, and hard cider is my favorite alternative. Did you know cider was once the most popular drink in America?

The Super Vegan wrap was pretty tempting, but just as alluring: the vegan "Night in Tunisia" special: couscous with stewed vegetables, $9. A hearty, healthy and humane option for any era.

At another booth, I also spotted Cuban black bean soup in a bread bowl for $7, which the vendor confirmed was vegan. You could find everything from salads and pickles to organic, fair-trade coffee.

On the way out, I thought I spotted Dumbledore! A fine end to a day at the fair.


Candles by Nature said...

Ack I'm so jealous! We were dying to go to Renn Fair this year, but couldn't make it :( I went to one in Tahoe, CA a few years ago and it was amazing!

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

This was actually my first Renaissance Fair. It was entertaining to people watch with all the costumes people came in. Always fun to time travel through such events.