Thursday, May 6, 2010

Italy: Remembering

Was it less than a year ago? I was strolling along the streets of Venice, feasting on ribollita in Florence, taking a dip in the ocean at the Amalfi Coast, and eating zucchini-topped marina pizza in Rome after a day of visiting the Coliseum and the Forum?

My Italian literary travels have me reminiscing about by actual visit. How I remember...

The sun setting in Venice.

Nuns interacting with the famous residents of St. Mark's Square.

A contented Burano cat.

A cozy bar in Venice.

A man with his dog.

A cheerful table at our bed and breakfast in the outskirts of Venice.

Wanting to take a dip myself in a Venice fountain.

A fruit market in Venice in the evening.

That laundry hangs out to dry everywhere in Italy, from the tiniest apartments to country villas, we yet think it's impossible to part with our dryers.

Wondering if I was in Italy, or Norway?

The road in Tuscany outside our country inn.

Mushroom parpadelle eaten...

....under the stars in Florence.

Always finding a little bit of France wherever I go. These biscotti were made by a French baker at a street market in Florence.

Snoozing among the souvenirs in Capri.

Finally trying campari, and realizing I don't like it!

A garden paradise by the sea in Capri.

In the land of lemons, a lemon Vespa.

Lemon risotto.

Have my Marge from the Talented Mr. Ripley moment (before Tom Ripley entered their lives).

Wishing I could express my enthusiasm for life the way this Tuscan cat can.

Over fancy jewelry, over pricey clothes, over flashy cars, over expensive gadgets, I take travel.


Cate said...

Oh, I am a SUCKER for European kitties. I love all kitties, but European kitties? Oh, man. I didn't see too many cats when we were in France, but I did take a few pictures of a black kitty that climbed into my lap while we ate at an outdoor restaurant in Avignon. It was adorable!

After typing that, I realize how silly it sounds for me to be so obsessed with kitties. :-)

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

I'm must be obsessed too, since I put three in one post!

I kept making my boyfriend share his meat sandwiches with curious cats, some of whom were homeless, and he had a fun time teasing me they didn't want my grilled vegetable sandwiches, but craved his ham.

The cat in the last shot was in the Tuscan inn we stayed at. I still remember that cat's sibling breaking into our room and jumping in our bed. I love life's unexpected moments (much like your French kitty)!