Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Tea Party

We had such fun at our winter solstice tea party, my friends and I decided the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday was the perfect excuse to celebrate love - of tea, great conversation, and friendship. So with warm hearts (and hungry stomachs), we returned to Alice's Tea Cup.

Tea for two?

Take a peek inside the table. Hands up all who are excited for the Alice in Wonderland movie with Johnny Depp. Mine's raised high.

They were out of my first pick, French lavender Earl Grey, but for a Valentine's party, tea with rose petals seemed like an even more fitting choice. For a pot, $6.

Roasted cumin carrots and olive tapenade on semolina with black sesame seeds, with a side salad in a yummy sweet ginger dressing. I held the goat cheese. Always check your bill. I was charged $10, not $9 listed on the menu, and had them correct it.

Vegan mixed berry scone, $3. So good! I took half of it home for breakfast. The waitress said their preserves have gelatin, making it un-vegan friendly.

Other vegan dessert options included a vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, $3.50, and lemon or blackberry cabernet sorbet, $7. Both pricey. I had a taste of my friend's black cab sorbet and it was heavenly. Could it be the Ciao Bella variety?

Visit Alice's Tea Cup, 102 W 73rd St. (between Amsterdam Ave. and Columbus Ave.), New York City.


Cate said...

Oh, yum! I love the shadowbox-style neat!

I'm definitely a tea junkie. That rose tea is making me salivate.

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Isn't it cute? I don't think I've ever seen a table like that. It's very magical there, brings out the inner little girl in me.

For a tea enthusiast, their list is daunting! It was my first rose tea...very delicate.

Happy Valentine's Day!