Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back at the Loving Hut...

I ordered off of the specials menu: mac and veggies in a 'cheesy' sauce, $7.50 plus tax. Cheese courtesy of Daiya Foods. Good, a bit pricey for something I could recreate for a fraction of the cost at home (sans cheese).

To stay or to go? To stay, of course. In this charming 10-seat cafe, just one man was eating, and every order other than mine was to go.

I don't understand our "to go" culture. People don't have 15 minutes to spare to eat it at this cozy spot? I brown bag it most days, saving a small fortune. Some days I feel like the vegan Suze Orman of the office, wanting to spread the message of not only humane dining choices, but that empowering AARP Lunch Savings Calculator.

If I am going to spend $8 on lunch, I'm not going to bring it back to my cramped cubicle and check e-mail. Bring a friend (banish the work gossip, a break is supposed to be a break) or dine solo. Bring your iPod, a library or thrift shop book, a paper or just your thoughts. Watch New York City life going on around you.

Reflect on all the landfill waste our to-go culture does create. Everything is reusable here, except for the napkins and paper cups for complimentary tea - so bring your reusable cup.

Oh, did I mention their benches light up? I bet the chair in your cubicle doesn't do that.

Visit the Loving Hut, 348 Seventh Ave. between 29th and 30th Sts., New York City.

At home, try Road's End Organics 'mac and chreez' line, which I've purchased at Whole Foods and the natural foods aisle of Stop & Shop. Add some veggies if you'd like, and serve with applesauce to kids young and old.

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