Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Year Granted

That means more books to read, great food to be eaten, causes to fight for, places to explore, laughs to be had, naps to be taken, dreams to be dreamt. I can't wait to find out what 2010 brings.

Phew, I made it until midnight. And without a nap! I did take two the next day.

The centerpiece on my parents' table at their New Year's get-together beckoned spring.

Old Hook Farm sells Field Roast Grain Meat Company's Celebration Roast. While everyone else had ham, I feasted on this yummy vegan roast with pineapple rings and dried cranberries.

A restorative walk in the park on New Year's Day. My soundtracks for the season: Tori Amos' Midwinter Graces and Sting's If On A Winter's Night.

Some four-legged friends were out and about.

Other souls must have been tucked inside with some cocoa.

At home, candles provided warmth and glow, and books sparked the imagination. Many unwanted gift candles end up at thrift shops after the holidays. The large one, a Martha Stewart for $2, still had the gift tag on it. Smaller candle, $1; hardcover book, $1, little cardinal bird, 25 cents. All from C.A.T.S Resale Shop.

On a cold winter day, I adore soup. With just a few ingredients, potatoes, leeks, an onion, vegetable stock, soy creamer, some seasonings, I have potato leek soup. Perfect with...

cucumber dill sandwiches with Tofutti cream cheese. Add a pot of Earl Grey tea, and I have my own Tea & Sympathy experience at home.

These blood oranges start showing up at Old Hook Farm come winter. I love their seasonal offerings. Can you imagine eating watermelon in January? I can't.

I used to dislike winter, but my perspective has changed in recent years. The body and the soul needs rest, and what better excuse to do just that when the temperatures dip.

Sting has talked about how "Landscape are magically transformed by snow." While "It's a dark time, a cold time. It's also a time of warmth and family and love and tenderness."

Savor the moments of the season with your loved ones.


MaddyG said...

Love your little snow family...and Sting, and Tori, and blood oranges. Great thrift finds too. What a fantastic life (and perspective)! ; )

Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Thrifting and visiting my local farm are so much fun. I can't imagine going to the mall or a massive supermarket each week.

I wish I could take credit for building the snow family...I stumbled on them during my walk at the park. I was tempted to make a snow angel...but too cold!

Happy New Year.