Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vegan Pancakes and Cupcakes in the Same Day? Oh My My!

But it was my birthday!

I took the day off from work (which I highly recommend doing if it's an option). Two vegans I met at Cupcakefest told me about the Rutherford Pancake House's sizable vegan menu, and I'm so glad I tried it. Thank you, fellow vegans!

I was secretly hoping for hot cocoa with soy whipped cream to recreate the dairy version I'd have at a diner in pre-vegan days, but their cocoa has dairy. A perfectly wonderful and even better consolation: soy cappuccino, $3.49.

Vegan pancakes, $5.95. So light and fluffy! It left me wondering why all the pancakes aren't vegan. Veganize pancakes at home. Eat in your PJs on a blustery Sunday, and go back to bed. I can't wait for the winter hibernation weekends to get underway.

I shared the pancakes and the vegan Popeye tofu scramble, with spinach, avocado, and mushrooms, and served with home fries, whole grain toast, non-dairy spread and grape jelly, $8.95.

A side of vegan sausages, $2. Crispy and humane.

I also spotted a whole vegan lunch special menu, including soy quesadillas and soy grilled cheese with tomatoes. The owner told me vegans make up 15 percent of his business, which is very impressive since we are far fewer than 15 percent of the population.

Run, don't walk, to the Rutherford Pancake House, 40 Park Ave., Rutherford, NJ. Open daily, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Open for dinner Thursday to Saturday after 4 pm.

To take home from the nearby Sweet Avenue Bakeshop: The very best vegan cupcakes. Ever.

What did I want for birthday, my loved ones kept asking? A new robe? No, I have a very comfy one. Scarf and hat? Nope, still like the ones I'm using. Slippers? Have them. A coat? Last year's coat is still warm and still stylish this year.

I like non-materialistic gifts, like a ticket to see my beloved The Swell Season at Radio City Music Hall.

My favorite gift of all: my turkey, Rhonda, which arrived from the Farm Sanctuary!

"Let there be music, let there be light, but please don't make a turkey your holiday delight!" she declares. Have you adopted your turkey yet?


MaddyG said...

I am really enjoying your blog!
I so wish I lived near NJ so that I could visit that diner, delight in those stomach is growling!
And the Swell Season is awesome. Hope you enjoy the live could you not?! ; )Happy birthday indeed!

Vegan Good Life said...

Thanks so much for the nice words. Much appreciated!

I had the pleasure of seeing The Swell Season at Radio City once before, and can’t to see them in January.

I love that vegan food is popping up more and more at non-vegetarian restaurants. Vegan breakfast food like this is still harder to come by, so this was quite a treat!

Chessbuff said...

Happy Birthday, VGL! I'll have several more broccoli flowers in your honor.