Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No. 180...

that was the number voter I was at my local Knights of Columbus on one of my favorite days of the year: Election Day.

I've never done an illegal drug in my life. I've had zero curiosity, and have always had a high regard for all my brain cells. Voting and activism are my natural highs. I actually feel elated walking out of the voting booth.

I still recall excitedly going down to the borough hall to register to vote on my 18th birthday. It was just days after the 1992 Clinton/Gore victory, and the guy behind the counter smirked, "you missed the election." Well I haven't missed a major election since.

If you didn't vote in this election, consider voting in future ones, and keeping informed about the issues (and by issues, I do not mean 'is Natalie Portman currently a vegan or lacto-ovo vegetarian?') In my New York City, college-educated office, what do people check when web surfing? Not CNN, The New York Times, or other news source, but Facebook, Perez Hilton, People.com and online shopping. I once read a headline that stated something like, "Move over obesity, vanity is the next American epidemic." I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.

And vote everyday with your dollars. Among my favorites, I like to 'vote' for family farms, independent, mom & pop restaurants and shops in my community, libraries, cruelty-free products, charitable thrift stores, and national and local non-profit organizations.

Happy Election Day!

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