Friday, October 23, 2009

What Do I Want for My Birthday This Year?

A turkey from Farm Sanctuary, what else would you have guessed?

One of the beauties I met when visiting their Watkins Glen, New York sanctuary. Flashback.

With my November birthday coming up, I asked my family to adopt a turkey in my name again this year. I still have Serendipity's cheerful face on my fridge from last year.

For a one-time adoption fee of $25, you too can sponsor a turkey for yourself or your loved ones as part of their annual Adopt-A-Turkey program. Learn more. This is a wonderful way to raise not only critical funds for the turkeys that live at their two sanctuaries, but also awareness about the 45 million turkeys that are needlessly slaughtered for Thanksgiving each year in the U.S.

Start a humane tradition of your own by cooking compassionate food for yourself and others. Corn soup, wine-glazed root vegetables, apple crisp, vegan pumpkin pie and more. Yes please! Find the cruelty-free recipes here.

Friends don't let friends eat turkeys at Thanksgiving!" declares Bubbles, a resident at Watkins Glen. Well-said, Bubbles!

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