Thursday, October 29, 2009

Me Vs. The Mail

My pile of mail upon returning from my two week vacation. Not bad at all!

A while back, I blogged on ways to reduce your mail. So much of it is a waste of trees, of resources (even if it's recycled paper, its production is still having an impact), of money, and of our time.

Credit card offers received in the mail? Zero. After dialing an opt-out number: 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) that I found on New American Dream, I have not received a single solicitation. I have all the credit cards I need, and besides, I pay cash as much as possible.

Animal rights literature: minimal. I've taken a pro-active stand to e-mail the groups I contribute to and ask them to not share my address and when desired, ask they only contact me once a year for membership renewal. For new unwanted solicitations, I e-mail them to not share my name and remove me from their list. It's wonderful there are so many worthwhile groups to give to, but I cannot give to them all, and I don't want to waste their resources or my time.

Donating this holiday season to an animal rights or other charitable organization? This is one of my favorite gift ideas, but don't give your recipient the gift of junk mail. When you contribute, ask that they not share the address of the person you are contributing on behalf of. Once a person's information is out there, it takes a lot of effort to reclaim one's privacy.

Bills? Go online. Save postage, even though minimal, around $5 a year per each monthly bill, but just as important: save time not having to deal with all those paper statements.

Catalogs: zero. I long ago called companies I was receiving catalogues from to remove me from their list.

Magazines: I get one, VegNews. After my subscription runs out, I'm not renewing it. I think purchasing a subscription for a local library is a better option. Libraries are a fun and frugal source for most of your magazine and newspaper needs.

Arrived: the Yellowbook. I saw multiple copies go straight to the recycling bin. To be removed from delivery, click here.

Tired of all those 20% off Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons turning up? Me too. Remove yourself from their list here.

With a little effort, my war on my incoming mail is succeeding. While I'll never be at zero percent, I feel a ting of satisfaction when I arrive home and see no mail. Incidentally, I have little use for all those address labels I've received in the past from charitable organizations. I have enough labels to last until I'm 90.

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Chessbuff said...

Great job. Tax refunds through the mail are not too bad even if there is electronic deposit, no?