Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it possible to be in love with a restaurant?

If they have outdoor dining, non-dairy options like soy cheese and tofu sour cream, and reasonable prices, I say sí! Well, it would be perfect if it was organic.

A virgin mango margarita, $4.50, and sangria, $6.

Sweet fried plantains with cinnamon sugar, $6.50, to start. Like an appetizer and dessert combined into one.

Vegetable fajitas, $14.50. Definitely enough to share. Luckily, my dining companion, my mom, loves vegan food. Who would want to pollute this meal with chicken or beef?

Request non-dairy, and you'll get tofu sour cream, brown rice and a whole wheat tortilla. Although I do prefer Spanish rice with my Mexican. Craving sour cream for your at-home Mexican dinners? Try Tofutti sour cream.

The visit before this, I had the California tostados (pinto beans, shredded lettuce, tomato, avocado), with tofu sour cream, $7.75.

Visit Pancho's Burritos at 214 Main St., New Milford, NJ


Chessbuff said...

gee, you really like pancho's, do you? i better check it out sooner than later.

Vegan Good Life said...

I hope I haven't set your hopes too high! This place is quite local to me, and I've eaten here well over a dozen times and with the exception of brunch (not their strong point), it was always delicious. I mostly like the simplicity of the food (not overly processed), and that there are so many options for vegans (a rarity at most places in New Jersey).