Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On this Earth Day...

...some words of wisdom from one of the founders of the animal rights movement, Ingrid Newkirk.

"Human beings should be in awe of all the other animals. They're never greedy. They live well on the Earth. They don't despoil it, they don't pollute it. They live simply. It isn't because of them that the sun is searing into the Earth bringing starvation to the peoples of Africa. That no one can drink from our waterways. That sparrows are dying throughout Europe, frogs are disappearing in South America, and penguins are found floating dead in the Antarctic."

"We should be in awe. Our own species has trashed the place."

On the disappearance of the Congo and its vast natural resources, she bemoans, "We humans here have so much greed, not need, but greed, that we want more rubber, more minerals, we want more logs, more lumber. We just want more. That's what our species is defined as."

How green is your diet? Find out.

In the 19 years I've been a vegetarian, it calculated I saved 5,320 animals. By sticking with it, I will save 13,160 more animals from death and 155,100 lbs. of CO2e from polluting the Earth in my lifetime. Learn more about the environmental impact of that steak on your plate.

"Can you blame nature if she's had enough of us?" Tori Amos, Father's Son.

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