Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Loving Hut, Revisited

Seeking flight from cramped cubicles, computer screens, and interruptions, I dined with a friend for lunch at New York City's vegan eatery Loving Hut.

Several pro veg messages adorn its walls. Learn about the effects of factory farming on the environment from Farm Sanctuary.

As do photos of famous vegetarians and vegans.

Did you know that Princess Diana shunned fur, refused to participate in hunting expeditions with the royal family and was responsible for a 17-course meatless dinner served by the British Embassy during her first visit to the United States in her honor? This according to European Vegetarian Union News.

My friend's udon noodles with tofu and veggies, $7.50. I sampled this, and liked it better than what I had.

My mushroom, corn, and pea quesadilla with Daiya vegan cheese, guacamole and a side salad, $7.50.

In a Seinfeld episode, Jerry compares black and white cookies to a metaphor for racial harmony and that people should "Look to the cookie!"

I looked to this cruelty free, and tasty, version, $1.75. Veganize it at home.

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