Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sangria Sipping for Charity? Yes, Please.

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate eating Mexican food into my charitable work, aren't you? This week, I did just that when I dined at Blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Englewood and 20% of my bill went to support one of my favorite groups: Hackensack Riverkeeper.

My sangria, $5.50

My sweetheart's Corona, $4.50 His meal is not safe for vegan eyes.

We were going to order the guacamole, but this massive bowl of chips with salsa arrived. Why is guacamole so expensive when you order it out? Here it is $8.95.

Ensalada Tropical, $7.95. I love the sweet fried plantains on this, and have never had them on a salad. With mango and a citrus vinaigrette. Refreshing.

I love that they state this on their site: "Attention Vegetarians! We do not nor have we ever used lard or any sort of animal stock in the preparation of our non-meat menu items. This includes our rice, beans, grilled vegetables and soups."

On February 19th, I'll be dressing like a hippie and eating veg food (so basically, my normal day) at their annual volunteer appreciation party, which has a Flower Power theme. Love it! Flashback to last year's festive pirate-themed party. Learn more about this and upcoming events.


Elaine said...

"His meal is not safe for vegan eyes." LOVE IT!!

I used to live in NJ...

Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

His meals aren't when we dine out (unless at a veg place, of course!) But he eats cereal with the almond 'milk' I pour on it (he has no choice since that's all I have), among other veggie products. He also has come with me to many veg restaurants and to two farm sanctuaries (my idea of a great weekend getaway).

Oh really? I live in Bergen County (too many malls!) Hopefully you had an enjoyable time living here.