Saturday, May 23, 2009

Teany...At Last

Vegetarian cafe Teany has been on my "must visit" list for some time. It was worth the wait. Prices are $12 desserts like you'll find at more upscale (translation: more expensive) Candle 79.

There are 98 varieties of tea on the menu! But with temperatures around 90 degrees, I went with the refreshing and unique lavender lemonade, $3.50. I'm getting into the habit of saying "No straw, please" when ordering a beverage, which garners confused looks from waiters everywhere. He put one in anyway. If I see an opportunity to cut out waste, even the most minimal, why not try?

Quiche is one of the items I miss most since making the switch to veganism from lacto-ovo vegetarianism. Their version, $9, had mushrooms, zucchini and olives, served with tomato cream sausage sauce and side salad with creamy herb dressing. Delicious. This would make a terrific addition to any summer picnic.

The triple chocolate cake, $5, for dessert. So decadent!

There are some benches outside where many were enjoying sangria or mimosas, both $8.

I would definitely come back. Service was a bit slow (there was only one waiter), but it was encouraging to see a completely full vegetarian restaurant when the economy is still suffering. A bit disappointing it's not strictly vegan (dairy is on the menu).

Images of rescued farm animals from Catskill Animal Sanctuary adorned the restroom walls.

I did notice Scott toilet paper in the restroom. Didn't they get the Greenpeace Guide on Recycled Paper Products, or hear about their campaign against Kimberly Clark? What, you don't notice the toilet paper when you dine out?

Visit teany cafe, 90 Rivington Street, NYC. Their web site warns it's cash-only.

Check out teany's cookbook at your library or a second hand version.

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