Friday, March 20, 2009

Chickens, Score 1

"Change is nature, the part that we can influence, and it starts when we decide," Remy the rat wisely informs his father in the film Ratatouille.

The people have spoken, and garnered a victory for the chickens. Just one month after Compassion Over Killing teamed up with Mercy For Animals and the Animal Protection & Rescue League, caring consumers urged BOCA to stop using eggs in its products. Mission accomplished! BOCA, the maker of meat substitutes, announced plans to be egg free in 2010. Learn more.

Contact MorningStar Farms
, and urge them to follow BOCA's lead. Shifting suffering of one animal, such as a cow, to another, chickens, is just not acceptable.

This is a great announcement to kick off spring, and the celebration today, March 20th, of the Meatout, an international observance promoting a vegetarian diet.

In other news, our friends at Farm Sanctuary are hosting an online charity auction. Wallet a little emptier than you'd like? No problem. A contribution of just $20 entitles you to a Farm Sanctuary membership for one year. Click here to donate.

Check out their cool new activist blog, Making Hay and learn about life at their shelters in New York and California by following Sanctuary Tails.

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